Discover our new article published in AAPG Bulletin

C6+ is proud to announce that the most recent paper of Mathieu Ducros, C6+ executive director, is available in the coming volume of the AAPG Bulletin

Véronique Gervais and Didier Granjeon from IFP Energies nouvelles, and Mathieu Ducros, now executive director in C6+, published an article in the AAPG Bulletin of April 2018 which presents a new technology for efficiently tackling uncertainties when performing petroleum system analysis. The methodology aims at providing to exploration geologists valuable sensitivity analysis and risk assessment in a time frame compatible with operational E&P projects with no compromise on results accuracy.


New article on uncertainty management and risk assessment in forward stratigraphic modeling
Exemple of results obtained with our new methodology to assess risks for petroleum system analysis


These results are an important step to go further than most common studies based on extreme scenarios while keeping an operational time frame.

You can access the article directly on the AAPG Bulletin website or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..



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