Petroleum system analysis

Petroleum system analysis is essential for efficient petroleum exploration in oil and gas companies

Our expertise relies on our capability to collect and interpret multidisciplinary data, to build consistent conceptual and numerical models using relevant tools, and to develop new concepts and methods. C6+ consultants have designed multidisciplinary methodologies allowing to assess plays and prospects, to reduce risks in exploration and to test new ideas in challenging frontier settings.

In their studies, C6+ consultants use leading edge petroleum system analysis and basin modeling techniques (petroleum system modeling and forward stratigraphic modeling) to help you make optimal decisions in your exploration activities. They have a strong experience in a large variety of geological contexts (intracontinental basins, continental margins, compressive basins, unconventional basins and petroleum systems, biogenic gas systems...).

C6+ can offer insights o all aspects of petroleum systems analysis:

  • Source rock quality and distribution

  • Source rock kinetics and maturity

  • Pressure assessment and seal analysis

  • Trap charge assessment

  • HC alteration and quality

  • Unconventional petroleum systems and basins

  • Biogenic gas systems

  • Sensitivity analysis

From fast track studies to in-depth petroleum system analysis

Several kinds of studies can be offered, from fast track evaluation of blocks to detailed studies using not commercially available research simulators, methods and workflows. In order to best account for the full geological knowledge, it is possible to feed the geological model using results from fine stratigraphic modeling. We also provide on-the-job training of professionals through joint studies to help oil and gas companies to expand their skills and face their challenges.

To go further, fully understand the petroleum systems and make the link with the economical evaluation, C6+ consultants can use their expertise and solutions, based on statistical analysis and machine learning technology, for taking modeling uncertainties into account. Thus they can provide valuable insight on the sensitivity of the effectivness of the petroleum systems or assess the risk on plays and prospects.