Risk and uncertainty

Risk assessment and sensitivity analyses are no more option for effective decision making

Numerical simulators, both for stratigraphic and petroleum system modeling, account for complex processes responsible for hydrocarbon accumulations in petroleum reservoirs. They involve many geoscience disciplines making challenging the construction of consistent numerical models. C6+ consultants have a wide experience in performing efficient sensitivity and risk analyses for petroleum exploration. They designed and use innovative solutions for making easier the integration of data and geological concepts and by improving forecasts and risk quantification through sensitivity and risk analysis. They also provide interpretation of risks though a format compatible with classical methods of risk assessment in petroleum exploration such as CRS mapping.

With these innovative methodologies, C6+ can offer services for:assessment:

  • Model calibration (temperature, pressure, fluid quality…)
  • Better understanding the key controlling factors of petroleum systems based on statistical analysis
  • Source-rock kinetics determination, including uncertainties
  • Testing different scenarios tied to a quality control check on predicted results versus data
  • Play based exploration
  • Resource and reserve assessment and valuation

Our methods are designed for but are not limited to exploration. They benefit from our expertise and our R&D in statistics and machine learning. The solution we use can be applied in a large variety of contexts and can be linked to many numerical simulators (reservoir simulation, economics and even in fields not related to geosciences).