E&P projects

C6+ performs continuous research and innovation efforts to improve and fasten current workflows and methodologies for E&P. Its consultants already patented several technologiesfor petroleum exploration, which aim at providing operational solutions for exploration teams of oil and gas companies.

Main research topics

C6+ currently works or already worked on several topics covreing large aspects o sedimentary basin analysis. We are also always earger to work on new topics which could benefit from the technologies we developed. Our main topic lines include:

  • Machine learning and statistics for sensitivity analysis, risk assessment and fast model update
  • Basin thermal evolution, intrusion and crustal heat flow
  • Basin hydrothermalism and pressure fields
  • Biogenic gas systems for natural gas prospect assessment or geological emissions of methane
  • Unconventionals
  • Forward stratigraphic modeling
  • Carbonate reservoir diagenesis

Research projects can be undertaken under:

  • Bilateral collaboration
  • Collaborative projects with Brazilian universities or international research centers
  • Research consortium

C6+ endeavors to create collaborative research projects with industrial and academics to bring unique and cutting-edge solutions to its customers.