Numerical development

Numerical and modeling tools are essential in E&P for large data analysis, physically-based simulations or for repetitive low added value tasks. Oil and companies, similarly to C6+ consultants, need to use leading-edge numerical tools to keep on performing in the highly innovative and competitive sector of E&P. C6+ is therefore continuously developping innovative numerical tools to fasten tasks, better interpret or reduce risks for its own use in consulting projects or in collaborations with academic or industrial partners.

Current projects

Our current numerical developments are focused on:

  • Machine learning system for fast and accurate numerical model update while increasing available data or knowledge
  • Better assessment of source-rock kinetics at basin scale

We are also working on providing free online numerical tools and training for petroleum system modeling. This is a long term project to spread the use of tis powerful technology in Universities and companies.


Please contact us if you want to know more about these projects or to be a sponsor of our online numerical tools.